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 to visit a different way

 to work the body.

A trusted Therapist who will deliver good detailed attentive work is a hard thing to find, in a world where QUALITY is usually a rare word.


You wouldn't want to go to a average heart surgeon would you? So once again I ask you how do you find the one! The one whom does the most marketing? The one with the highest prices?

For me its about QUALITY, Detailed work with a purpose.

I never got into this just to pour oil on one and lightly rub it in while doing chants and waiting for the energy of a stone to cleanse your soul.

I am not into mass numbers or volume based practices. It is not a fee for service model where everyone makes more money based on ordering or performing more codes or procedures or upgrades. Big difference!

I specialize in doing a blend of allowing vibrational tools while using lengthening strokes with intention and purpose along with stretching in a professional safe atmosphere.

I have absorbed from many teachers whom are great instructors yet I have always put my own spin on it to enable it to work for me. 

When its all said and done it really comes back to my work is my vast array of knowledge and experiences and I am just allowing that work to flow at that point with multiple techniques that hopefully offer you some relief. 

There are several things I don't do like use cheap oil or cream which is loaded with parabens and no contracts or memberships which essentially means you can come and go whenever. Can you say Freedom! Can we move past the racket of My price is actually $300.00 but if you join today its only $100.00!

Why No folks this is not high pressure sales...

Like a book or painting its very subjective in defining good massage work. Some will, Some won't, So what! That my friends is the SW theory.


Tolerance for the ordinary should be over.

Real simple my hands, my years of knowledge, all dialed in to work on you.

7419 E Helm Dr, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260, United States

(480) 512-2667 Please contact within 24 hrs to cancel its respectful and helps with scheduling. Pls dont come in if your sick. No need to spread sickness.

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